Trading Bots

Decentralized Exchanges Are Perfect For Trading Bots

A decentralized zero fees exchange like Radex is a heaven for trading bots. We believe that when it comes to an unregulated market the best way to achieve price stability is by the wide use of trading algorithms that display market weaknesses. Such as:

  • Market making bots - a way to provide liquidity for any token to token trading pair
  • Arbitrage with other decentralized exchanges to ensure our users have the best price
  • Provide the tools for bot writers - historical trade data to allow easy strategy testing
We have set out to make it easy to learn how to set up trading bots by providing educational content via Rados. We will also help users troubleshoot their issues in our community forum. Together our community will become a place of sharing knowledge and best practices. To incentivize this, we will implement tipping and premium sections into our forum, meaning users will be able to tip each other for useful posts and be paid for providing great tutorials.