Saturn Protocol

The Blueprint For A Decentralized Exchange

The Saturn Protocol is our unique architecture for a decentralized exchange and it is one that we are already showing is possible in the form of Radex. It cannot be censored because users trade directly on the blockchain and by allowing this we have eliminated any privacy concerns traders may have because the use of the webpage is optional.

We can be the solution for exchanges that suffer from low trading volume because the liquidity from our order books can easily be integrated into other exchanges. As the Saturn Protocol runs completely on chain it does not have any operational costs - which you can see by Radex’s current zero fees trading.

And it has been built to scale with cross-blockchain trading in mind, our technology can be run on any EVM enabled blockchain: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Callisto, Qtum, Ubiq, Ellaism and others. Each blockchain would receive its own DAO with its own SATURN token. You would receive these via our airdrop formula.