Saturn DAO

A Project Where Everyone Is Part Of The Team

Remember how we said that this project would be built for the people and governed by the people? We plan to do this in the form of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation). This corrects any imbalance of power that developers or exchange owners have over a project. Once you buy SATURN tokens you will become an essential part of our development team. Changes to the protocol can only be made if you vote for them to happen with your tokens which you can purchase in our ICO.

The voting will be done via blockchain and enforced in the form of a smart contract. This means our protocol is 100% transparent and uncensorable, and once launched on the blockchain it can never be stopped or taken down. Your vote matters!

For example, here are some scenarios you could vote on:

  • Change the default exchange fees
  • List new tokens to the protocol
  • Payout dividends(collected fees) to SATURN holders
  • Collectively invest in new cryptocurrency projects

And much much more! All outlined in our whitepaper and roadmap.