Launch Off

Our Vision For A Fairer Financial Future

Cryptocurrency trading volumes continue to grow at an exponential rate and currently exceed $15,000,000 daily. Yet the majority of these trades happen on centralized exchanges that routinely get hacked and suffer from being unfair playing fields. It does not matter how good a trader you are or how well you can code a bot to follow a trading strategy when the big exchanges are manipulating prices and rig the data. And what about when your account strangely gets suspended on the exact day when you could have made a profit?

The Saturn project has been launched by a team that believes decentralized exchanges are the future and solves the current problems that plague the financial world. A team that are not just pretty faces throwing around buzzwords - we already operate the technology that forms the basis of our whitepaper.

Why a decentralized approach? When you trade safely via secure smart contracts and do not have to make deposits - you cannot be hacked. With the order book directly on the blockchain traders know that they can operate on equal terms because everyone always has access to the same data. And remember the number one rule of cryptocurrency? Not your private key - not your money.