Saturn Network

Autonomous • Uncensorable • Protocol

The decentralized exchange protocol that is going to remodel cryptocurrency trading - imagine an exchange architecture that is built for the people and governed by the people. One where the order book cannot be blocked. One where the ownership is shared and everyone has a voice.

Today we are all faced with the same problem: trading platforms are controlled by one single entity. This is true for the wall street world and the cryptocurrency industry. How can you trust or speculate on the market when you don't even know if the data provided is true? We have set ourselves the mission to correct this imbalance of power and make the future of cryptocurrency a place that is not only secure but also equal and fair.

An exchange that adopts the Saturn Protocol will not be able to trick their traders and any changes will have to come from the Saturn DAO - which is you. To be part of the DAO and the future, you will need SATURN tokens. Read through our whitepaper that outlines multi blockchain plans, learn about Radex our proof of concept and Rados our way to promote the global adoption of cryptocurrency.