How does it work?

Our main ICO ended on August 1st 2018, you can buy SATURN tokens via our strategic investor program which uses a separate allocation than our ICO and will run until the last token is sold. It is open to everyone and has no minimum investment restrictions in place. Joining the Saturn DAO allows you to be part of the team and take part in shaping the future of cryptocurrency trading, read on to learn how you can join today.

strategic investor program

Strategic Investor Program

Our strategic investor program, with a bonus of up to 50% available, is intended for investors who are looking for the biggest returns on their initial investment. As long as you invest before the snapshot date, the bonus plans ensure you will receive bigger airdrops when we scale into new chains. Holding more tokens will allow you to receive more dividends once the Saturn Protocol starts collecting exchange fees. Our groundbreaking investor dApp is the first of its kind, offers you three different bonus plans and locks up your SATURN tokens safely in a smart contract.

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SATURN Classic

As we launch our protocol onto a new chain we will mint a new Saturn token specific to the new blockchain. Most of the new token's allocation will be distributed via our airdrop formula and exchange mining, however, there will initially be a protocol launch sale. On Ethereum Classic, our launch sale for Saturn Classic has now ended as we hit our hard cap. Saturn Classic is listed in Radex, so you can trade it there.

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