How does it work?

You can currently buy SATURN tokens by participating in our strategic investor program or our main ICO. Our crowdsale is accessible to everyone, there are no minimum investment restrictions and you can participate in both options if you wish. Both options allow you to join the Saturn DAO today and take part in shaping the future of cryptocurrency trading, read on to learn which investment path suits you.

strategic investor program

Strategic Investor Program

Our strategic investor program, with a bonus of up to 50% available, is intended for investors who are looking for the biggest returns on their initial investment. The bonus plans ensure you will receive bigger airdrops when we scale into blockchains such as Ethereum Classic or Callisto and you will be eligible to receive more dividends once the Saturn Protocol starts collecting exchange fees due to holding more tokens. Our groundbreaking investor dApp is the first of its kind, offers you three different bonus plans and locks up your SATURN tokens safely in a smart contract.

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main ico

Saturn ICO

Our main ICO is intended for the traditional investor, receive your SATURN tokens immediately simply by sending your ETH to our ICO address. It is also the best option for our supporters who want to have immediate voting power as soon as the Saturn DAO is launched. There is no whitelist or KYC form to fill in because we want to highlight that no one should be denied access to the financial tools of tomorrow. Our project will always run completely on the blockchain, remaining accessible to everyone. It also allows you to become eligible for airdrops everytime we scale into a new blockchain and if you choose to HODL your tokens, then you could receive dividends from exchange fees!

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