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Saturn Network Fundraising Goal

Our mission

Saturn Network

Saturn Network is a protocol that allows access to a decentralized order book in just one transaction. Allowing decentralized exchanges to share a liquidity pool and feel the benefits of a much higher trading volume. It requires no deposits and runs completely on the Ethereum blockchain, making it always accessible to everyone. Furthermore, it has been built with shared ownership in mind to ensure there are no imbalances of power: holding SATURN tokens means you are part of the Saturn DAO. You will be able to vote on binding protocol changes or even be paid dividends from exchange fees. Finally, our protocol can run on any EVM blockchain, with Ethereum Classic and Callisto already on our roadmap, to be followed by releases on RSK chains such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Verge, we will achieve decentralized cross chain trading.

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Understanding Trustless Nature Of Saturn DAO

Ethereum Blockchain


Total supply:
Soft cap:
1,675 ETH
Hard cap:
10,000 ETH
ICO price:
1 ETH = 50,000 SATURN


At the heart of our project, you will find the Saturn DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation), making the Saturn Network a protocol which is built for the people and governed by the people. We have chosen this path because it corrects any imbalance of power that developers or exchange owners have over a project. Once you buy SATURN tokens you will become an essential part of our development team. Changes to the protocol can only be made if you vote for them to happen with your tokens which you can purchase during our ICO.

The voting will be done via blockchain and enforced in the form of a smart contract. This means our protocol is 100% transparent and uncensorable, and once launched on the blockchain it can never be stopped or taken down. Your vote matters!

Scenarios of token use

  • Change the default exchange fees
  • List new tokens to the protocol
  • Payout dividends(collected fees) to SATURN holders
  • Collectively invest in new cryptocurrency projects
Working Prototype

Radex Exchange

Radex is a fully decentralized exchange that allows you to trade ethereum tokens. It comes with many unique features such as operating completely on the Ethereum blockchain so it can never be censored or have any downtime. You can trade completely on the blockchain without even opening our webpage, eliminating any privacy concerns you might have. Doing so makes everyone equal - every trader can see the order book and data on the blockchain at the same time. Radex will be the first exchange to adopt the Saturn Protocol.


Comparison Of Decentralized Exchanges


Our Services

Fund Management

Decentralized fund management removes the legal overheads from traditional money management. Saturn protocol will include services such as smart HODL contracts or using a professional trader to manage your funds.

Trading Marketplace

The ease of use of setting up smart contracts via our decentralized fund management interface will provide developers with a marketplace where they can securely sell or rent out trading bots. Professional traders will also be able to offer their services via the marketplace.

Decentralized ETFs

Saturn protocol will allow the creation of exchange traded funds by packaging projects together into a new token. This allows you to invest in multiple projects at once, by investing in an index fund which tracks the combined value of the chosen projects

Trading Bots

A decentralized zero fees exchange like Radex is a heaven for trading bots. We believe market making & arbitrage bots are the best way to achieve price stability as their algorithms correct market weaknesses.

Shared Ownership

Saturn DAO allows you to be an essential part of the team. No more standing on the sidelines watching exchanges extort ridiculous fees for themselves. You can be a part of the decisions that shape the future of cryptocurrency trading and earn dividends for helping the network with your voice.

Knowledge Sharing

Our community forum will implement a tipping system that will incentivise sharing best practices and tutorials. Learning how to become a better trader or how to set up your own trading bots has never been easier.

Saturn Network

Team & Advisors

Founder, CTO [email protected]
Founder, Program Manager [email protected]
Samuel Reason
Team Member, Marketing [email protected]
Contractor, React Developer
Contractor, Solidity Developer
Technical Advisor [email protected]
Marat Salimov
CIS Advisor [email protected]
Kawin Rungsimuntakul
SEA Advisor [email protected]
Eric Binkley
NA Advisor [email protected]
Our special way


March 2018
Released Whitepaper

Saturn Network whitepaper was released, our vision for the future of cryptocurrency.

April 2018
Strategic Investor Program

Our innovative pre-sale dApp was launched onto Radex, starting our crowdsale.

May 2018
Main ICO

SATURN token main ICO will start, including a referral program.

June 2018
Increase Marketing

Following our fundraising goal article, we will follow our marketing plan to increase exposure.

July 2018
Assess Development Plan

As our crowdsale nears an end we will reassess our roadmap to ensure delivery.

August 2018
Radex Upgrades

Radex API will be launched allowing market-making trading bots & Radex on mobile.

September 2018
Airdrop SATURN Classic

SATURN Classic will be airdropped to token holders. Saturn Protocol & Saturn DAO will be in testnet.

October 2018
Security Audit

Saturn Protocol & Saturn DAO will go through rigorous security audits.

November 2018
Saturn Network Live

Saturn Protocol & Saturn DAO will go live on Ethereum blockchain.

December 2018
Airdrop SATURN Callisto

SATURN Callisto will be airdropped to SATURN holders. Ethereum Classic & Callisto mainnet will go live.

Strategic Investor Program is Open


Have any questions?

What is the value of the SATURN token?

The SATURN token is your access to the Saturn DAO, allowing you to vote on binding protocol changes such as paying out dividends to SATURN holders or collectively investing in new cryptocurrency projects. It is also your ticket to being eligible for airdrops once we scale into different blockchains such as EthereumClassic or Callisto.

What is the difference between our strategic investor program and ICO?

Our strategic investor program started in April, you could see it as our pre-sale however it uses a separate token allocation. It will run concurrently with our ICO until July 31st or the allocation runs out. By agreeing to various lock-up timeframes for your SATURN tokens, the program gives you access to a bonus of up to 50%.

Can I participate in both?

Yes. We do not have any restrictions in place.

What is STN and why can it be used to invest in our ICO?

Radex was launched in December 2017, its development was funded by our pre-ICO which used the STN token. We want to reward our long-term supporters by giving them the chance to use STN to invest, therefore for the purpose of our ICO: 1 ETH = 1 STN = 50,000 SATURN.

Why has the core development team decided to be anonymous?

Simply put we want to be judged on our technology and not by how we look or who we know. Remember that we are creating a protocol that is a DAO, once it has started it cannot be stopped - there is no OFF switch for the Saturn Network. Everyone who has invested will be part of the team, we will all be able to vote and make decisions on the future together. In the interest of transparency, we will be making founder addresses public information so the community will be able to monitor us and hold us accountable for any actions.

Our core development team has elected to remain anonymous, we feel this shows that we are committed to keeping traders on Radex and participants of the DAO anonymous also. We understand this may raise concerns but we feel it shows that we are not here to mine your data and sell it on to political organizations.

Who can participate in our crowdsale?

Everyone. We want to highlight that everyone can be part of our vision no matter what part of the world you may live in. Please note that we are not financial advisors, so we do recommend that you check with your local jurisdiction.

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